A couple of words mid-week

How are you all doing? My week has been crazy busy, but hectic is good, so I´m not yet complaining. I just felt like emptying a bottle of Prosecco on my own today, so when a friend asked if I wanted to join her for Unplugged at The Thief, I immediately said yes for fear of turning into Sue Ellen a couple of decades too soon. 😉

I´m looking forward to the weekend, we´re hosting a flea market on Saturday, hoping to get rid of a few things and use the opportunity to get together over coffee and waffles. 😉 So if you´re in Oslo, do stop by! In the evening we´re invited to a Halloween party and agonising about our disguise as usually. Bought some pumpkin, though, might just surprise the host with an all American pumpkin pie if I get the time. 😉

Attending an HIV conference next week over two days, can´t wait to do something else than usual and get some input, too! It´ll be interpreted in English by a couple of colleagues and so I´ll get to see other people in action, too.

Otherwise I´m starting to feel the dark period settling in, I´m more and more tired by the day and fall asleep early ´cause I haven’t had my naps in a week now! haha!

Looking forward to attending SEEK in January with EAM and get some more inspiration from Berlin. This year we haven´t travelled as much as we used to and I´m constantly itching for an adventure. Besides, I love Berlin, but who doesn´t?

What are your plans for the fall/winter approaching?

xxx, Alina

Picture: http://www.motherearthnews.com


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