Weekend in Copenhagen

IMG_7463Greetings from Vesterbro, Copenhagen! We landed yesterday morning, it´s been drizzling ever since and the grey skies invite you to hibernate. Fortunately, we´ve rented a lovely apartment with airbnb and we can do just that. We took an early flight yesterday morning (and the only person who hates early flights more than me is V!) and we spent the afternoon in the neighbourhood, ate some yummy smørrebrød at Dyrehaven, had a coffee at Enghave Kafé and bought some wine at a local winery. I had me a nap while V watched Netflix and then we paid our friends a visit in Østerbro, where we shared some champagne and V helped with peeling root veggies. I was being a diva on the couch with an electric blanket on my belly since “that time of the month” renders me totally helpless.


Our neighbourhood is as lovely as I remembered it, which is exactly why I was trying to find a place in this area. So many cool vintage stores, lots of nice antique/second hand places, cafés bustling with life and nice little gems with life jazz music on Sunday afternoons. (Guess what we´ll be doing tomorrow!)IMG_7465

We were planning on making breakfast à la maison, but we “forgot” to buy groceries and so we had a nice excuse to look for a cosy place for a morning seanse. A former pharmacy, this café had an amazing breakfast and brunch menu and the ambience was friendly and warm. We opted for Croque Monsieur (francophiles to the bone!), juice and Americano.IMG_7466IMG_7467IMG_7469IMG_7474After spotting a cute ceramic vase in a second hand design store, we headed home again to sleep off yesterday´s champagne and get ready for today´s birthday party.IMG_7464This is our apartment. Love these porcelain dogs! ❤IMG_7449IMG_7459



How come I can never manage minimalism in our home?IMG_7456


View from the kitchen. I´ve been snooping on this lady since yesterday morning. 😉

IMG_7461View from the living-room. Love the orange details on that otherwise grey balcony! 😉

Stay tuned for more!

xxx, Alina

6 thoughts on “Weekend in Copenhagen

  1. That apartment does look great – I’m the same, I always admire minimalist interiors, but can never seem to actually make it work in my own home!

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