Saturday we had a food festival in town- Matstreif. I had a coffee date with a couple of friends, but I was running late since I couldn´t take Sam with me (he tends to get a bit annoyed around big crowds) and so I ended up checking out the happening on my own. The amount of people was insane! The moment I climbed down from the bus I felt like taking one in the opposite direction straight away. But I was there with a purpose- I wanted some cheese, a new cook book and a svele (the fantastic Norwegian pancake!), so I couldn´t leave until I´d got what I´d come for. 😉 IMG_7090

And there was lots of yummy produce to be tasted! 😉 Cheese, elk sausage, jam, fish and so on. The place was huge and busting with people! I was a bit disappointed to see most places charged money for the samples, I feel it´s typically Norwegian- although the prices are soaring, they can´t even throw in a couple of samples! Oh, well.








I wanted a sausage bad enough, but a svele even more! What to do when you can´t wait in two lines at once?IMG_7101



I decided to go for svele, queued up for 15 minutes and ate it in one, since it was delicious, warm and had been hard to get, too. 😉 Then I got me some cheese, elk sausage and salty biscuits all while doing some severe yoga breathing  to prevent the claustrophobia from taking the best of me. 😉  haha!IMG_7106

Instead of kebab, they had “elkbab”. Go figure! 😉

Lovely cured meats and juice. IMG_7108

Cured cheese, scrumptious thick sour-cream and cured pork.IMG_7109

Not to mention the apple juice! My fave!IMG_7110



On my way home with the day´s capture, Franck called and asked me if I wanted to come over for coffee. Mr. Mackerel was happy to see me and so he got a couple of nice rubs for the occasion. IMG_7119



IMG_7129This dog was so zen and so in tone with the colors around him, I just had to take his picture!IMG_7130



And the catch was amazing, still licking my lips. 😉

xxx, Alina

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