Dinner with Andra and Tom

Yesterday I finally got to meet Andra from Amsterdamming after being blog friends for a couple of years now. We realized we were in town at the same time and couldn´t miss this chance, globe trotters as we all are, who knows when fortune will find us in the same city again? So we arranged that the 4 of us meet up at a restaurant to enjoy a large and friendly meal together. The choice fell on Lacrimi si Sfinti, a renowned restaurant that “reinvents” traditional cooking in surprising and yet predictable ways. And we had the best of times! It´s so strange when you talk so much to someone that you feel you know her already, although you´ve never actually met her! IMG_3386IMG_3389 IMG_3403We sat outside to enjoy the warm breeze because, as Andra put it, “for us, this is summer!” Funny how the context changes everything, 15 years ago I would have probably complained about a moody May and now I´m thinking: I can actually wear ballerinas! 😉 There was even live music- cheesy old serenades that I´m a sucker for, there was a good vibe and a strong contrast between the restaurant and the neighborhood drunks. It´s a part of Romania, gotta love it, otherwise you´ll wear yourself out in a couple of days. IMG_3412 The boys had veal and turkey and we took the pan-fried cod with alioli and polenta- so yummy! It tasted summer, childhood, holiday and exotic all at once. It tasted home. Like nothing else does. I was blissful from within, if you know what I mean. IMG_3405 IMG_3416 IMG_3418 The restaurant´s interior is really cool, they did a good job with the wooden furniture, the lego figurines and the industrial lamps. IMG_3426IMG_3435Dessert was apple and quince pie, a chocolate mousse cake and a sweet cheese pie with raisins. 😉 An espresso lungo later, we went to Origo for drinks. We love this place to bits, but you already know that by now. The only thing I could think of pinpointing is that they´re sooo SLOW. And I mean SLOW. Never had such slow service in my life! But the staff is very nice and friendly and the drinks are divine, so it´s worth it. 😉IMG_3442We walked through the illuminated old town, pretty and shabby, crowded and perfect like most old towns out there. 😉IMG_3446IMG_3462IMG_3466IMG_3474Saying good-bye was no problem as long as we know we´re welcome in Amsterdam and they know we´d love to show them around in Oslo. 😉 Until next time! 😉

xxx, Alina

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