We´re back in Bucharest and it´s great! 😉 Haven´t been on a holiday since last year, except for a short 3 days´ break in Vienna at the beginning of January. In addition to that, Romania is really nice this time of the year- the accacia trees are in bloom, the temperature is warm, but not steamy and everything is green.

We got here on Wednesday about midnight, my brother and sister-in-law picked us up at the airport and we had some drinks at our auntie´s place where we´re staying this time. They´d bought some corn puffs and my mother had made some roast potatoes and chicken, so we had a late night dinner, too.

Yesterday we woke up late- it had poured all morning and the air was fresh, but warm, just the way I like it. 😉 We had coffee and breakfast at Origo, where we´re regulars when in town. They have the best coffee ever. Afterwards we walked for a bit and grabbed a cab to my brother´s place to catch up with mom and babysit our niece while she was going to the dentist.






Diana is a lovely little thing and she´s just started talking too! So we played for a bit with her dolls, I made her pose with the lace dress we´d got her (she was a natural!) and then we went outside to the swings and slides. She was absolutely adorable! Every time I meet her, I fall in love even more! IMG_2949


This is the dress, but first I show you some tummy! 😉 hihi! Don´t you just melt? I think she takes after her auntie! All gracious and stuff! haha!IMG_2958


We took times swinging and we also made some drawings on the pavement. She was enjoying herself and let me hold her hand, kiss her and even treated us to a smile once in a while! 😉IMG_3000



Afterwards we went to a coffee shop for cakes and V bought her a little toy, too. She was so charmed by him and yet a bit skeptical, I wonder if she fell in love a little bit with her uncle, the way young girls often do.. hahaIMG_3038


Back to the apartment, my mom was a sight for sore eyes. So much love! So good to see them like that! We chatted an hour more and then went to our friends Oana and Florin, who had invited us over for some wine and cheese. 😉 I hadn´t seen her in over a year and the conversation glided as smoothly as the wine. The boys spent much time on the balcony, smoking cigars and being cute. 😉 IMG_3058





We wrapped up the evening with some delicious eclairs and much needed gossiping. 😉 And talking about the kids we never got, but that we´re still hoping for. 😉

IMG_3097My V fell asleep in their bedroom and when I woke him up to go home, he lay down on the couch, his head in Oana´s lap and started crouching himself like a cat, clucking out loud like he was enjoying himself. We managed to walk back home, tired and happy and fell asleep instantly. Stay tuned for more!

IMG_3105xxx, Alina

2 thoughts on “Bucharest

  1. Accacia trees! 🙂 I agree, May is the best time to visit Bucharest: abundantly green and nice temperature. Looks like you`re having a great time! Enjoy!

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