A night out at Tøyen Bodega

Yesterday we were supposed to entertain some friends, but I got called away for work and then, as a last minute thing, they cancelled. I didn´t feel like cooking anymore, especially since I´d caught a cold in the meantime, so I suggested we try our local tapas place instead. 😉

IMG_2550Tøyen Bodega is a 10-15 minutes walk from our place, so getting there was no fuss. We´d heard so many good things about the place, but hadn´t had the opportunity to try it out yet. But good things come to those who wait, right?! 😉

I hadn´t seen my friend Cristina in a while and meeting her again was really nice. And we got to chat a lot later on, since we had a pajama party at our place. 😉 I don´t think we fell asleep until 2 or 3 am.IMG_2537

The food was yummy, we asked them to put together a menu for 5, so we got to taste most of their delicious courses. We had manchego cheese, ham, olives, fish, beef, baba ganoush, stewed peas and many types of bread. IMG_2551IMG_2535

And of course, lots of wine! We started with Prosecco and went on with the house red wine. 😉IMG_2554IMG_2539


Poor V was a bit left out, since we mostly told each other Romanian jokes and they´re not as much fun once translated, he would smirk at best. 😉IMG_2540



Dad was in great shape and he laughed harder than all of us! I somehow must have graduated maturity school, cause I got to hear all the jokes I was exempted for all these years! 😉 haha!


They had a lovely shellfish soup that we tasted from small tea cups. I liked the idea a lot! And it looked so gracious! IMG_2572





IMG_2567We definitely have to go back soon! 😉 It was such a wonderful night! Wish Irina had been with us, too!

xxx, Alina

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