New Year´s Eve party

Happy New Year! We started ours with a terrible head-ache and nausea, so we slept most of it away.  Today, however, was more productive. 😉 I started working and came home with fresh flowers and eucalyptus branches whereas Vuong had a day off and spent it on tidying up. We threw out the Christmas tree and packed away the decorations, prepared the left-over lobster and the duck breast and now we´re snuggling on the couch ready for “The Suits”.

But let me tell you more about our New Year´s Eve party, which was awesome, loud and long, as a real party should be. Melissa, our friend who organized it, gathered 15 cool people under her roof, made enough food to feed an army and was simply the coolest and most glamorous host I´ve ever seen! And I mean it, since I´m pretty good at hosting, myself, so I don´t go around boasting about other people. 😉 haha!





3 courses were served: salmon tartar and sweet chili sauce shrimps, pinnekjøtt (steamed mutton) with mashed kohlrabi, new potatoes and sauce and a whisky truffle cake for dessert. 😉 Yum! Sammy was very happy to be present since the fireworks terrified him and both I and Vuong soothed him in our lap. But he was the life of the party and everybody had a hug or a pat in store for him. 😉















After dancing, talking, fooling around in high heels and inherited jewelry, it was time to go home around 5.30 am. And did we regret it yesterday! But it was worth it none the less. Still, I don´t want to hear about Prosecco for about a week! 😉 How was your New Year´s Eve?

xxx, Alina

6 thoughts on “New Year´s Eve party

  1. Thank you! Told you I was getting better! haha! The truth is that everybody who felt like it could use the camera, so most photos are not taken by me. 😉

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