Glitzing my way to 2015

Yes please, 2015 couldn´t come soon enough! 🙂 We´re heading over to a friend´s place, for dinner and a show!;-) I´ll put on my best dress (haven´t decided on which, yet) and my Stella McCartney heels. 😉 This one is from last year.


This year was challenging, to put it mildly, but also humbling. I can only hope 2015 brings more light and less depression, more love and less vanity, more strength and less heart ache. I´m sitting here listening to Madeleine Peyroux with my two babies (Sam and Beo), waiting for my man to come home with the booze and life is good right now, I wish it were always like this.

Last year I promised myself to work less and I did. I also started working out and I hated it just as much as before, so that didn´t stick. I travelled as much as before and still didn´t make it over the pond. I like to think I was a bit more approachable as a friend and that I had more time for the ones I love, but I´m not sure they feel like that. :-/

For 2015 I made a list:

– read more, right now I´m enjoying “On My Way to Nowhere” by Bekim Sejranovic

– bake more, today I´m putting together a lovely Pavlova with lemon curd and raspberries

– travel farther, hoping for NY, Asia and Australia

– learn to ski

– get good at skating

– get the driving license

– be a better friend.

Achievable goals? What about you?;-) Have a Happy New Year!

xxx, Alina

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