Artsy beginnings

There´s something about new year that makes you want to improve, grow, change. It also applies to the outside world- freshen up your home, get a couple of new plants, change your hair style, have a mani-pedi. I love collecting beauty and what better excuse to do so than New Year´s Eve promotion codes!

Today I acquired these prints from Hilde Mork´s  web store and I can´t wait to get them! The first goes in the bedroom and the second one in the living room. Or maybe the kitchen. What do you reckon? I love the faded colors, the greys and the fact that they´re both understated. Any New Year´s purchases on your part?;-)

xxx, Alina

6 thoughts on “Artsy beginnings

  1. Løve your “Artsy Beginning” … YES, YES, and YES – spruce up the house, get a new “do” and most certainly a mani-pedi is in order to kick off the New Year. At every year’s beginning, I pull all my artwork off the walls and rehang them in different places throughout the house. The change can be quite enjoyable {without breaking the bank} but also gives me an opportunity to appreciate each piece more. Happy New Year dear. Løve reading your posts!

    1. Thank you so much for your kind words. People tend to think alike when it comes to the changing of the year, don´t you find? 😉

      I´m reluctantly learning how to move things around and enjoy them in different rooms, so I´ll try to do it your way. Unless I get very bored with things, I tend to want them where they´ve always been. 😉 haha! Nothing is easy, you see! 😉

      xxx, alina

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