Lazy bones

Today I woke up early to finish a couple of written translations that are due today, but I seem to do anything to postpone it. In fact, procrastinating is my middle name. These days have been wonderfully lazy, so sliding back into routine is no easy task. We´ve had movie marathons and binge eating (not food, but chips and sweets), napping from 8pm to 9pm and things unheard of outside Christmas break. Yesterday however I managed to read a couple of pages, after working for a bit and then giving the house a quick shine. A friend visited with her sweet baby and we had the greatest time bonding. Unfortunately I´m quite ambivalent about children since I´ve been longing for one for so long, so I never know how I will react, I either like them too much or I just couldn´t be bothered. But Isabella was the cutest little thing and so easy to get along with, I was sold!



I´d better start working, a friend is coming over for coffee and cake after lunch and I was hoping to get my weekly Thai massage some time today, too. The holidays, as welcome as they are, kind of disrupt my rhythm, I worry too much about not having enough alcohol in the house (you can only buy wine and spirits at the Wine Monopoly), about banks being closed and not finding fresh food in the shops. I know, I need to do something about my anxiety. haha!






Have a lovely day!

xxx, Alina

One thought on “Lazy bones

  1. Hello! I couldn’t have access to your post but i like to comment on procrastination because I have already written on it. As one writer says, it is the thief of time. We miss many things when we procrasyinate.

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