Organic weekend

After depriving my body of nutrients as well as good flavours, I felt it was about time I should do something about that. So I managed to use the first window of opportunity to check out the organic marked in Stortorvet. I started doing that last year, enticed by the colours, smells and the jovial chatter the ´farmers´met one with. 2 kg apples, 1 bag of golden chanterelles and 3 corn cobs later, I was heading home with the promises of a real feast.


Organic corn

Friday evening I made a chanterelle stewing with grilled chicken filet and boiled rice. I´m sure I found the recipe somewhere on the internet, but for the couple of years I´ve been making it I added my own twist, so here it comes:

1kg chanterelles

1 onion

paprika powder (bell pepper powder)

butter and olive oil for the searing




chili powder


Sear the onion first, add the rest. Towards the end add the cream and let it simmer a while. Voilà!

Apples I gathered from the ground

Yesterday I made some apple jam. It´s so easy and it´s just the best breakfast I can imagine! Freshly baked bread with Philadelphia cheese and apple jam is my all time favourite.

The recipe can be found at for the Norwegian readers, I adapted it a little, though. For my English speaking readers, it´s as simple as this:

2kg apples

1 vanilla sheath

2 tea spoons of cinnamon

2 cups of water

a little sugar on top of them (100-150gr)

Let them boil together. Stir towards the end. Let it cool, then put it in jars or in the freezer. I make about 1kg jam and give away 3-4 jars, so we have no problem eating the rest.

Homemade bread and apple jam

And just to follow the gourmet path of the weekend, I decided I´ll be baking the world´s “bestest” cake today:

250 g dark chocolate, 60-70% cocoa

3,5 dl powder sugar

250 g butter

4 eggs

0,5 dl flour

4 ss berries (fresh or frozen)

Melt chocolate, sugar and butter in a bowl in the micro or at bain-marie. Whip in the eggs, one at a time. Add the flour and the berries last. Bake at 160C for about 15-20 min. It´s supposed to be a bit sticky, but not altogether runny. Let it rest for a couple of hours, then serve directly from the fridge with a hot cup of espresso. It works wonders.

Dark chocolate fudge cake

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