I´m not good at organizing things. I grew up with my grandma until I was 13 and she never threw away a thing. I collect everything from books and magazines to jam jars and porcelain cups. My husband put up with it for a few years, but is been urging me for quite some time now to make some changes. Our biggest problem is that we don´t have enough shelves and cupboard place, so things just clutter around. So while I dream of an antique cupboard just for our inherited china, I need to figure out what to do with all the mess around the house. For example we have a dog cage for Sam that´s half the size of our bed. And where do you think it is? Besides our bed, in the bedroom. We also have 40-50 pairs of shoes, many of which are in the hallway, helter skelter. Furthermore, all our books are in a horrible state of chaos, ever since we removed the wall between the kitchen and living and threw away our IKEA library. So here´s what I figure we need:


We used to have one ten years ago, but the feet broke and we threw it out. I still find it cool, though and the years have made me a little bit less snobbish.

I need this cupboard from Ikea! Pure love!
Ferm Living basket from

Felt basket, to be purchased in many forms and colours, I figured I will find mine at Norway Designs.

I love me some string! This piece of design is timeless and has been popular for over 60 years now. I like the airy look and the lightness of the metal frame. At the same time our style is so heavy and rustic, I´m not sure if it´d blend in.. Maybe in walnut.

And finally, something I won´t have room for in our current apartment, an old looking cupboard for my china! It´s the only thing I wanted to have from grandma, since it reminds me of all the cosy Sunday dinners we had. And since it´s inherited (grandma told me it cost 5 salaries in 1942 when she got married), it won´t be used on any other occasions than Sunday family dinner, dinner parties, Christmas and Easter.

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