A gasp of fall

It´s official! Fall is here, there´s no doubt any more, the calendar says so. And while I´m making lots of plans about how to get more efficient, find time to work-out and be cultural in the weekends, what I really enjoy doing is reading magazines and dreaming of new accessories. Call me superficial, but I get instant gratification. And this year´s fashion is better than in ages! Actually that´s how I feel every year. I collected some must-haves on my list, don´t think I´ll be able to afford anything for now, but the Celine bag is mine, no matter how long I have to wait!


Lovely Celine bag- a classic

Manolo Blahnik chalany.com

What about them shoes?

marc cain luxpresso.com

Yummy colours!

jewelry http://www.adorn-london.com

I´ve never been a jewelry person, but that might very well be because I was waiting for the right piece. Gorgeous bracelets from adorn london!

Burberry coat by http://www.vogue.com

I found a perfect Max-Mara coat last year in the Salvation Army shop, it wasn´t cheap, but it´s stunning! Should money be of no hinder, I´d purchase this one from Burberry to alternate. Do you share any of my wishes?

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