Too cool for school

Back to school for a course this weekend- multicultural perspectives in interpreting. I´ve studied something similar for a year in 2004, but this is a nice reminder of the fact that ethnicity is constructed and that togetherness is as excluding for some groups as it is including for others. This line of thoughts can never be discussed too thoroughly.

On top of that I get to drink lots of coffee with people I like. And practice standing in a toilet queue and chat, the way we did in ninth grade. Lots of fun.

I even found the time to check out three of my favourite shops and I thought I should share those with you.

Swedish COS stands for stylish clean-cut quality clothes.

Filippa K- My all time favourite Swedish brand, delicate and timeless, with a masculin touch
Filipa K

Danish Hay- contemporary design with a twist


I want the small table in peach


I fancy this shelf a lot, but we decided we should talk to a carpenter instead since we need a lot of shelves. Classy, don´t you think?

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