My Oslo

It´s Sunday and I need a rest. We´re eating out with some friends later, but for now it´s just coffee, newspapers, good music and cuddling on the couch with Sam and Beo. It´s a sunny day and Oslo is at its best. It´s a really nice city to live in, especially in the summer. If you haven´t visited yet, you should put it on your list. I´ll make you an overview of the best places I know.



Old Lompa went through a real make-over a few years ago and presents itself in all its glory, with huge crystal chandeliers, wooden tables and a refined atmosphere. The menu is new Norwegian cuisine with a twist. Emphasis on good ingredients. Nice selection of beer. You can eat in the garden on warm summer nights.

Delikatessen Grunnerløkka

This tapas eatery has been my favourite ever since I discovered it some ten years ago. Friendly service and really good food, laid-back decoration with old church chairs and art.

Brasserie France

This is the restaurant for special occasions. Put on a shirt and indulge in amazing French cuisine in the heart of the town. You´ll even get petit furs to go with your coffee. Yum!

Kolonihagen Frogner

Café by day and restaurant by night, this gem has stunning rustic interior, lovely and creative food and friendly service. Suitable for a romantic dinner or for a friends´ night out, the prices are not too stiff, either.

Solsiden Restaurant

If you come to Oslo in the summer and only have time to go out once, let it be this one! Amazing sea food in a sea barn with the prettiest view!;-)

Xich Lo

Located in what seems to be a shopping mall, don´t let this fact discourage you, the restaurant is lovely and it has a view over the whole Karl Johan, if you´re lucky enough to sit in the corner table! Fusion Vietnamese and French, the food is maybe the most exciting Oslo has to offer. Try the halibut package or the duck! And for desert they have lovely rice pudding or passion fruit panacotta! Yum!


This is the place for a quick lunch after shopping or before a movie. A delikatessen shop and a small eatery share the space. Try the fish and chips, best in town!

Smia Galleri

This summer we celebrated ten years of being together by eating out at Smia. Picturesque location in an old house with an idyllic garden, the food is yummy and the service is impeccable. They even have a garden kitty, like the tavernas in Greece.

Alex Sushi

If you think only the best is good enough, try Alex Sushi! You´ll be in for a treat!

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