Sad weekend

A friend of ours is drawing his last breath on a hospital bed, so the last couple of days have been nothing but sad. We´re still hoping for a miracle and he doesn´t want to let go, either, so the whole situation is so incredibly tragic, I don´t know what to do with myself. :-/ It´s scary how frail this life of ours is, one day we´re here and the next one it´s like we´ve never even existed. I know it sounds like a cliché, but I run out of words.

I have a terrible cold and I´ve been feeling sorry for myself all day. I haven´t done anything else but watch Netflix, take my paracetamols and blow my nose. And feel sad. Tomorrow I´ll be in court all day and I should have done so much this weekend, it´s crazy. I´m having trouble reconciling the everyday life with the bigger order of things, right now. Do you feel that, sometimes?

Anyways. V is cooking fish and I´m being such a lazy sick person. The type with needs and cravings and a short temper. Hoping that a new week will somehow make the sorrow smaller, although it´s hard to see how.

I did do a couple of nice things today, though: I called my mom and my grandma to congratulate them on Women´s Day. In Romania 8th of March is also Mothers´Day, so we usually make a big thing out of it. And they were pleased, especially when I told them V was making pancakes for breakfast. 😉 Wish I had more energy to mark the day somehow, in Norway people talk about equality and human rights whereas in Romania we usually throw ourselves a party. Haha! So different! Especially since sexism is on an all time high back home…

I did hear about this cute Portuguese pastry place though and invited a couple of girlfriends for a vanilla crust and a cup of coffee there on Tuesday afternoon. At least we have an excuse to see each other. Can´t wait! Does that make me shallow? :-/

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