Tourist for a weekend

Missed me yet? 😉 I have a good excuse for staying away: mom and auntie visited for 5 days last week, so I was busy busy. Between work, sightseeing and eating out, I had no time left on my hands, not even to draw my breath, let alone blog. 😉 But let me tell you about the fun we had together!

On Thursday the weather was frightful and I had to work (I was actually a bit glad I didn´t have to pretend not minding the rain!), so they did some sightseeing on their own and came home wet and cold. In the evening my mom felt unwell (she was tired and had eaten some mussel soup that didn´t agree with her), so I took auntie and Sam out for a walk to the Opera house and we enjoyed the stormy sky with a glass of champagne in our hand.


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A great ballet evening with JIŘÍ KYLIÁN

Yesterday we were offered tickets to a ballet performance at our new opera house. Although it was in the middle of the week and my energy level is on an all time low, we couldn´t say no. We´ve been to the new opera quite a few times, mostly for ballet, but also for opera once and theater a couple of times. The building itself is amazing enough to be worth a visit and so is the scenery! 🙂 On top of that, I get to dress up and sip some sparkling white wine while balancing on my heels. 😉

Last evening´s performance was nothing less than astounding! I must admit there was a time when I thought most upper class tastes must be acquired, but now I know better. Some performances transcend culture, class and upbringing. They simply pierce through all the layers of your human soul and touch you. I remember watching both Sleeping Beauty and The Nut Cracker and think it was lovely, but not feel it. JIŘÍ KYLIÁN´s choreography is of such proportions that every single thread of you resonates with tremor. What an achievement! I wish I was that good at something!

Anyway, if you get the chance to see this performance, do! We decided to be more cultural this fall. If it weren´t for all this traveling!;-)

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