Tourist for a weekend

Missed me yet? 😉 I have a good excuse for staying away: mom and auntie visited for 5 days last week, so I was busy busy. Between work, sightseeing and eating out, I had no time left on my hands, not even to draw my breath, let alone blog. 😉 But let me tell you about the fun we had together!

On Thursday the weather was frightful and I had to work (I was actually a bit glad I didn´t have to pretend not minding the rain!), so they did some sightseeing on their own and came home wet and cold. In the evening my mom felt unwell (she was tired and had eaten some mussel soup that didn´t agree with her), so I took auntie and Sam out for a walk to the Opera house and we enjoyed the stormy sky with a glass of champagne in our hand.


Friday I worked again, but we managed to meet for coffee at Café Fuglen, then we walked all the way to Vigelandsparken, or “The Sexy Park”, as they call it in Vietnamese, due to all the “naked” statues. 😉 I hear it´s impressive, I can´t remember what I felt when I saw it for the first time and now I´m so fed up with it I couldn´t tell. But it´s usually a hit with tourists. 😉 I think I like it, too. On a good day, at least. 😉

Unfortunately I had to return to work yet again, but not before witnessing a strange encounter with an Indian guy who seemed to be a bit deranged, to put it mildly. Mom and I were sitting on a bench for a second and I thought I heard some noise in the bushes behind us. When I looked to see if there were birds a man almost jumps out of the shrub walking like Jesus on water (as though it was the most natural thing to do)! And then he spots my aunt, goes straight to her and asks her to take a picture of him. He was tall and clumsy and the kind of guy who´d spook you if you were alone somewhere with him. Preparing for the picture, he leant his whole body weight on the bushes posing like a boss. My mother and I couldn´t keep it together anymore and we burst into laughter so hard we scared the “poor” guy away! haha! 😉 I was told he kept appearing from the bushes again and tried to make eye contact with my aunt. My mom summed it up: “Must be one of these guys who get off at showing their dong! Luckily, I didn´t see it!” Haha! Needless to say we´ve been laughing about the Indian for their entire stay.


Saturday we went on a cruise in the Oslo fjord and it was amazing! I´d never been on an old school ship, although I´ve taken a boat or two in my life, it´s just never occurred to me to book tickets and I had no idea how much I´d enjoy it! It was a two hours´trip, one couldn´t have asked for a better weather, the price was fair and we got incredible views! And I got to take Sam with me, too! Free of charge! Yey! IMG_6820

Quaint cabins, a lighthouse as cute as a botton, people sunbathing, a boat or two, then mansions and renovated pieces of history, everything with a cocoa in my hand and a Sammy following me everywhere. 😉IMG_6843






On our way to Nodee, a lovely Asian restaurant, where we treated ourselves to some serious yum! 😉 This was in the evening, after a whole day in the sun. IMG_6983



Quenching his thirst in Tjuvholmen, where we met friends for Italian ice-cream. 😉





Showing each other much needed attention. My teddy bear! 😉

“Can you keep a secret?”, he asks my aunt. 😉 My mom loves him, too, but is a bit skeptic to big dogs. “One should have respect for animals”, she says. “Never think they´re human!” I can´t help it, though. I love Sammy more than any humans except for my inner family circle. Oops!

xxx, Alina

One thought on “Tourist for a weekend

  1. This sounds amazing (not only the story with strange guy), but all the days you experienced with your mum and aunt. Not to forget about the lovely dog. This must have been an amazing experience overall 🙂

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