A great ballet evening with JIŘÍ KYLIÁN

Yesterday we were offered tickets to a ballet performance at our new opera house. Although it was in the middle of the week and my energy level is on an all time low, we couldn´t say no. We´ve been to the new opera quite a few times, mostly for ballet, but also for opera once and theater a couple of times. The building itself is amazing enough to be worth a visit and so is the scenery! 🙂 On top of that, I get to dress up and sip some sparkling white wine while balancing on my heels. 😉

Last evening´s performance was nothing less than astounding! I must admit there was a time when I thought most upper class tastes must be acquired, but now I know better. Some performances transcend culture, class and upbringing. They simply pierce through all the layers of your human soul and touch you. I remember watching both Sleeping Beauty and The Nut Cracker and think it was lovely, but not feel it. JIŘÍ KYLIÁN´s choreography is of such proportions that every single thread of you resonates with tremor. What an achievement! I wish I was that good at something!

Anyway, if you get the chance to see this performance, do! We decided to be more cultural this fall. If it weren´t for all this traveling!;-)


Pictures: http://www.operaen.no,  www.belowtheclouds.com


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