Oh, how I love mornings! Not the rush, but the silence- you know, when you wake up early-ish and there’s not a sound in the world, except for the clock ticking, and the neighborhood is still at peace (and in complete darkness, because it’s Norway!) and you can almost hear your own breath? I love mornings by myself so much I’m constantly afraid of waking up “the rest of the house”, so I’m tiptoeing around, coffee in hand, smiling to myself: “now this is what I call happiness”. IMG_4630 Continue reading

The Day

Lazy mornings, coffee in my hand
When the soul is restful
And the mind is calm
Are the best part of the day.

It’s when I’m ready to take on the world,
Before everything gets ruined
By people’s lack of courtesy
And by my incapacity to deal
With everyday trivialities
I’m getting better at it, though
I stopped lying to myself, for one,
Now I only lie to others
It’s how it works
If you want to make it out of the day

February 2016