Monday Mood Board

Because it´s Monday and I got the blues. It´s just one of those days- the weekend seemed too short, I didn´t feel like waking up, the rain outside certainly doesn´t help, I can’t bear the thought of walking Sammy and I don’t feel like getting dressed. And to make things better, I spilled half of my coffee cup on the couch. (Now we really need a new couch!) So here´s what I wish my Monday was like!

1. Wish I could stay in THIS bed all day.

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Christmas mood

Today was a good day. After a busy weekend of waking up early every day, today I could finally take it easy. I had a couple of work assignments, but other than that I mainly slept and enjoyed myself. It´s mid November already and I feel Christmas is right around the corner. This year I´m not going to overdo anything, I promised myself I´ll have realistic expectations of both myself and the others. My plans are to ease into the Christmas mood by mid December and have lots of energy for Christmas parties and the likes. With that in mind, I started reading a magazine and listen to Nat King Cole singing about the Yuletide season. 😉

I feel lighter these days, I managed to give away pretty much clothing I wasn´t wearing anymore and the bedroom is finally up for an update, hopefully in January. We need reading lamps but being both very particular, it takes ages to decide upon anything, really. Today I was browsing through some web shops and felt so happy when I saw  this one from Restart Milano! It´s just perfect! The slim lines, the golden touch, I was sold! And the fact that it´s simply called Wall Lamp Long makes it even more alluring. Anything that beautiful was made to last, I figure.;-) In Norway you can purchase it at Bolina, but I´m sure you can find it in an cool designer store near your home, too.

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Bedroom inspiration

We´re so dissatisfied with our bedroom, we need to do something about it and that soon! The thing is we need a bigger wardrobe (and prettier!), but we also want to redo the floors and that needs to be done first. Hence, until we have enough money (and the time) to change the floors in the whole apartment, I´ll stick to pinterest and the blogging world. The room needs repainting in a warmer color and that too has to be done after the flooring. So here is some inspiration! What do all these rooms have in common? They´re quite big and very charming! I love antiques, old mirrors, frames, lamps and mid-century design. Which one is your favorite? Mine is the first and the third!

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