Pretty things

Today I´ve been mostly at home since I´m down with a cold. I´ve been doing some accountancy, read the Sunday paper and bought some filler for my ugly walls that definitely need a makeover. The plan is to start with the hallway and we´ll do that on Saturday!<3 I´ll definitely post some pictures when done! The thing is that our house is never tidy enough to take pictures of!;-)

In the meantime I´ll show you some nice stuff I´ve come across lately!

Those Ferm Living houses are just super cute! So are the sculptural vases and the colorful candlesticks. For a Scandinavian look, hold yourself to soft colors.

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Wish list

I´ve bought a yellow basket from Ferm Living and a red one from Muuto, the ones  I was referring to in an earlier feed, I even splurged on a Vipp garbage bin. I´m getting there. Right now I´m focusing on the home environment- I want my house to be tidy, inviting and organized. I want fresh flowers or some sort of greenery and I want things to have a place of storage.  I´ve been making lists ever since I was 16, so I figured why not make a public list? It kind of holds you to it, if you know what I mean. So here are my most wanted things (except for those I already mentioned in earlier entries):

Favourite couch

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