Pretty things

Today I´ve been mostly at home since I´m down with a cold. I´ve been doing some accountancy, read the Sunday paper and bought some filler for my ugly walls that definitely need a makeover. The plan is to start with the hallway and we´ll do that on Saturday!<3 I´ll definitely post some pictures when done! The thing is that our house is never tidy enough to take pictures of!;-)

In the meantime I´ll show you some nice stuff I´ve come across lately!

Those Ferm Living houses are just super cute! So are the sculptural vases and the colorful candlesticks. For a Scandinavian look, hold yourself to soft colors.

Money will be easier to save with this money box from Kahler. You´ll find it in Verket Interiør, a beautiful shop in Bærums Verk. What do you reckon?

Concrete floors have been in for at least 7-8 years, but for those of us living in a block of flats, it´s not always a real choice. Meanwhile, we can dream of the couch and the table.

Marble is back and I love it! This is definitely on my list, though I still dream of finding one at the thrift store. Hay does it again!

Ideas to steal is a lovely blog and so is one of its editors, Melissa Hege!

These days the decoration industry evolves around the diamond shape. And since every girl needs a diamond, let it be this vase!

I can see this fancy wire lamp in my kitchen! Plain beauty! Hay does it again!


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