Belgrade II

Finally I get the chance to tell you more about our lovely stay in Belgrade. I couldn´t wait to do that, but the first two days after returning were chaotic, especially since our luggage hasn´t arrived yet and I keep remembering all the things we had in it that I don´t want to lose. In addition to that I spent 3,5 hours at the Romanian embassy (for the very last time!) waiting in line for a piece of paper and getting frustrated, it was as comic and tragic as a Kusturica movie.

But let´s leave it at that and let me take you back to the Balkans and demistify the area for you. As I mentioned last time, we were there for the wedding of our friends Dragana and Alex and since we´d already taken a couple of trips each in May, this was also our summer holiday. Meaning we splurged a little on our hotel and eating out budget to compensate for the fact that Belgrade isn´t a coastal town and that the weather was either too chilly, too hot or too rainy to make the best out of it. And boy was that a good idea! We felt so spoilt in the end we couldn´t wait to get back home and cook our own food and fill our own fridge!

Jevrem restaurant in the lovely Dorcol area

The best thing we did was to buy a Wallpaper booklet, it let us in on the city´s best kept secrets and we could structure our days without any problems. Besides, taxis are inexpensive so you can easily get around without ruining your shoes. 😉 You should start by strolling around in Knez Mihajlova and see the Kalemegdan fortress. You can have coffee at the terrace overlooking the fortress, but don´t order any ice coffee, ´cause you´ll get a horrible wannabe milkshake with a faint coffee taste.

The area we liked best was Dorcol, it boasts many nice eateries and a whole street of high end shopping- Kralja Petra. Start with L’Atelier, they have lovely merchandise from Louboutin, Isabel Marant and Kenzo. Give Patrizia Pepe a look, I tend to find her design either too tacky or too young,  but I like her basic wear. Have tuna carpaccio and a prosecco at Supermarket and glance over their designer clothes, too. The Serbian couture either is too bold or trying too hard for my taste, but don´t despair, they have both Day Birger and Acne! Another nice lunch location is restaurant Jevrem, order a Caprese salad and sip their rosé in the garden, hiding behind oversized shades as a true diva. 😉 haha!


For a lovely Asian dinner, book a table at atmospheric Ebisu in the gorgeous Square Nine Hotel, newly renovated and a must for the design interested! Try the Saketini cocktails, too, they´re to die for!

If you´re into antiques, collectibles and old jewelry, pay Robna Kuca in the Belgrade Mall a visit, we found a cool fan for a friend and a nice ring for myself. It´s right in the main walking street, Knez Mihajlova.

You haven´t been to Belgrade until you´ve had lunch on one of the splavs on Danube, floating restaurants overviewing the Kalemegdan fortress or the woods. You can also enjoy the view from the river bank, try the lunch at the Italian restaurant Comunale, the ambience is good and so are the facilities.

When in Vracar, stroll around the majestic houses, glance over at the handsome people sipping coffee in the terraces, stop for lunch at Dokolica and go see the Nikola Tesla museum.

That´s all for now. I enjoyed the city and it made me miss Bucharest a bit and then some. Hope you get the chance to see it and find it as cool as I did.

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