Carol by Todd Haynes

If you´re not madly in love with Cate Blanchett by now (as yours truly), you will definitely be by the time you´ve finished watching this movie! She´s been my muse for a while now and last time I had a serious crush on her was in Blue Jasmine, when I could have stolen her entire wardrobe! 😉

The picture is a masterpiece, from Carol Aird´s exquisite taste in clothes (and boy did women know how to dress and carry themselves in the 50s!) to the underplayed dialogue and the human frailty encompassing the whole story.cateblanchettrooneymaracarol_article_story_large

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Blue Jasmine

Cate Blanchett and the wardrobe from Blue Jasmine are to die for! The movie lines up in the same range as  pictures like I Am Love with Tilda Swinton and A Single Man with Julianne Moore. I´m definitely not the only one to be touched by the artistic sense in this story, I´m sure you´ll appreciate it just as much s vogue and forbes!

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My week

This week has been much more eventful than the last several ones, but it made me so full of energy! Among the many things that happened in the past days, I attended a Buddhist funeral, applied for a loan at the bank in order to be able to redo our bathroom, went to the movies, to a dinner party and hosted a small dinner party myself.

I saw Blue Jasmine by Woody Allen with a friend who moved out of town. Such a beautiful picture, I definitely recommend it! The subject was human frailty and the pursuit of happiness, but also the incessant seek for something more, something better,  something else. And deceit. In all its forms. Including self deception. It was brilliant!

Cate Blanchett and her wardrobe were the star attraction, I swear I´d kill for every single piece of clothes she was wearing! After the movie date we resumed with a bottle of cava, chit-chatting about husbands and kids (pets on my part), everyday demands, work and colleagues and so on. About men who don´t do enough and who don´t appreciate everything we´re doing around the house. Sounds familiar?;-)

On Friday I attended a dinner party at a Danish friend of ours, we were five people and a French bulldog and had more fun than we´ve had in ages! We had prosecco and brut and regular wine and some more prosecco. And pasta Bolognese. Perfect gathering.

Yesterday I worked for a couple of hours, then I had to help out in the block´s back yard, because the Norwegian way is do-it-yourself instead of hiring somebody to save you the trouble. Mumbling my way through it, as frustrated as ever, I ran off after 40 minutes and went to the flea market with Sam. We weren´t that impressed, I only found a broad fur collar (like the ones you wear on top of a cocktail dress), but Sammy got a sausage and I had a waffle. And we had fun together since we´re best friends. 😉 It´s great having a dog, so much company and you don´t have to ring the whole telephone book to see if somebody´s free for lunch. He´s always willing to keep you company.

In the evening we had friends over for pizza and cake, they made the pizza, I made the cake. And I had to wash the floors, which is great, ´cause I don´t think I would have done it otherwise.

Today I´m having a day off from social affairs, just me, my man and the pets. We´re taking Sammy to the woods again and maybe we´ll see a movie this evening. There´s a festival in town- Film from the South and they show many independent pictures, but it´s almost impossible to find something that doesn´t run at 1 pm or at 9 o´clock pm.

Meanwhile I´m drinking loads of coffee and I´m almost dosing off in my dressing gown, happy it´s Sunday. I have a tiny bit of pumpkin in my fridge, maybe I´ll make some pumpkin pie?