Carol by Todd Haynes

If you´re not madly in love with Cate Blanchett by now (as yours truly), you will definitely be by the time you´ve finished watching this movie! She´s been my muse for a while now and last time I had a serious crush on her was in Blue Jasmine, when I could have stolen her entire wardrobe! 😉

The picture is a masterpiece, from Carol Aird´s exquisite taste in clothes (and boy did women know how to dress and carry themselves in the 50s!) to the underplayed dialogue and the human frailty encompassing the whole story.cateblanchettrooneymaracarol_article_story_large

First and foremost this is a love story, the kind that gives you goose bumps. It´s about the love between two strong women who had to battle their time´s prejudices in order to be together. On a second level, this is a story of self-acceptance, of making compromises in order to be able to live with oneself. It also depicts love lost, how things change, how people change, how feelings change, how we shouldn´t take each other for granted. Last, but not least, it´s a narrative about how true love survives man-made barriers. canne2015-carol-650

The grace of it all, the sadness, the sorrow, sometimes it makes me feel like praying to artists like to a God, especially since I´m not a believer in anything divine. I do believe in film and photography, though! And in vintage dresses! 😉


That´s it, then! Go get tickets! Today!

xxx, Alina

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