Christmas Break

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Phew, done with everything (that counts)! From today on I’m officially off duty and I’m enjoying it to the fullest. Outside it’s snowing, I’ve walked Sam and made myself a ham and cheese sandwich, the apartment is warm and the gifts are all wrapped up, the tiny tree is decorated and I’ve even remembered to buy pantyhose for the Christmas dinner. 😉 Haha! (I always forget!)

9905836_oppg3_nr2Alina Tran12019

So all that’s left is the food, the laundry washing and the people to share the Christmas spirit with. ❤ Going to the store in a minute to buy ingredients for today’s baking, nothing gets me going more than Ella Fitzgerald’s Christmas Songs and the coffee and chocolate biscotti that I’ve made for about 15 years now.

9905836_oppg3_nr1Alina Tran12019.jpg

There’s barely any light these days, when photographing for my exam I discovered the pictures needed to be taken between 11 am and 13 pm, otherwise it would be too dark. However, now that I’m done, I don’t mind the dark that much. I switch on all the lamps inside, light a couple of candles and cuddle up with a cup of tea. ❤

9905836_oppg3_nr4Alina Tran12019.jpg

Woke up at 10 am today, I had to put the alarm, or else I could have easily slept till two. Can’t wait to drag myself around the house for a week before flying to Bucharest for some more festivities and more family gatherings. 😉 But first, we’re celebrating Christmas Eve with F’s mother, sister and the latter’s family. On Christmas day we’re lunching at his mother’s and on the 27th it’s his nephew’s birthday, so we’re booked for most of the days. 😉 As for the days without plans, I’m thinking cocoa, cookies, pjs and Netflix.

9905836_oppg3_nr5Alina Tran12019.jpg

What about you? Are you going away? Or are you going home for Christmas? ❤ And have you started baking? I’d love to hear about your plans, as well as your family traditions.

xxx, Alina

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