A weekend getaway



I’ve always loved a short getaway before Christmas and this year we were so lucky as to be invited to one by F’s work- a spa hotel half an hour away from Oslo. 😉 We left by train on Friday afternoon just after two and returned yesterday after lunch, meanwhile making good use of both the spa areas and the comfy bed with a sea view. 😉

I did try to get out with my camera for a sightseeing round and I did just that for a quick 5 minutes, but as it was raining, I sought refuge inside with a cup of tea. 😉


The nicest thing about a short break is how much more you appreciate your own place one at home. If not for big comforts, at least for small, like a hair conditioner and a body cream. Funny how this environment craze (and a well justified such!) has made the hotels strip themselves of all their former luxury, instead of finding a way to just give it a new form, like everybody else does with their products.



But hey, the company was lovely and the food- not bad and although I didn’t have more than a sip of wine, I managed to enjoy myself and go to bed at the unearthy hour of 1 am. 😉

Not a lot of signs of snow this winter, but I don’t mind it as much- as long as it’s not slippery, it can be bare. That being said, I’m counting down to Christmas Eve, I’m done with buying and wrapping most presents, today we baked ginger bread with F’s nephew and niece, so all I need is to hand in my photography exam on Wednesday and the holidays can come!

How about you? And do you have any exciting reading coming up?

xxx, Alina


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