Holidays 2019

It’s late in the evening, I’ve packed my bags, stuffed them with gifts and goodies for big and small and can’t wait to head home tomorrow. I say home, although we’ll be staying in an airbnb in Bucharest and not at my parents’ house in Craiova, because home is where your heart is and mine is in Bucharest.

Alina tran.jpgBesides, it’s easier to stay friends when you don’t live together. I can go to bed and wake up whenever I want to, eat breakfast or skip it entirely, read in bed and carry my cup of coffee everywhere, all that without stepping on anybody’s toes. Pluss my brother, my niece, his ex-wife and his present girlfriend all live in Bucharest and so do most of my friends, so seeing them all is much easier this way.

In truth, I haven’t been in Craiova for more than 5 years and I only started missing it a bit when I got pregnant, ’cause then I suddenly remembered all the things I used to do as a child. So I’m planning a trip this fall, I’ll be strolling with Madde in a pram, walking down memory lane and maybe spotting some of my ex beaus, all bald and with a characteristic 40s beer belly. Haha! It’ll be such a treat!


I’ve got a couple of recommendations for new eateries, I’m also thinking of trying some of the good old ones, I need my éclairs at French Revolution and I was about to say my bubbles at Comptesse du Barry, but I remembered I can’t have any, warm pretzel in hand while walking to Carturesti for good reading and a yummy cortado at Artichoke. Because no matter how much the city has changed since I last visited in February, what I like best is all the things that stayed the same.


The last three pictures are from previous trips, I haven’t taken many shots lately since going to a photography school made me loose all the joy I had in taking random pictures.


I hope you had a lovely Christmas celebration and that you found your way to the people you care for, be it your blood relatives or your chosen family, and if not, next year will give you the opportunity to have it your way. We’ve already invited my family and F’s to our place for Christmas and I’m already thinking about all the goodies I’ll be making and all the chairs I’ll be needing and we haven’t even moved in yet! But that’s me, I love my planning and need to know what I’ll be doing next year, so I can relax until then.

xxx, Alina


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