Late November

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I don’t know about you, but I hate November most of all months of the year. It’s dark, rainy and cold. The trees are bare, the leaves turned brown a month ago and all I feel like doing is cancel all plans until May and snuggle up with cocoa and a good book instead.

But this pregnancy is a fantastic source of joy and to my big surprise, I don’t feel depressed at all. I still don’t enjoy getting out of the house in the rain, I buy umbrellas and break umbrellas, I take the bus even for a stop and I walk slowly, shaking my hips like a duck, but my thoughts are clear and full of vigor. So I try to fill my weekends with cosy things in order to get out of the house.

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Yesterday was one of these days, I’d booked Sofie Amalia Bråthen from Pholk Agency for a short photo shoot. Although I was dreaming of a deserted beach and her running around in my old wedding dress, I opted for the Botanical garden, both because I don’t like to freeze and because I don’t have the heart to make other people freeze, either.

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It was a busy day, a Christmas market was hosted in the garden and lots of people and children filled the greenhouse. Thankfully, we managed to find some empty spots here and there and we were both happy with the result. Half an hour later, we were having coffee and cake at Stockfleths by the Munch museum.

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The air was nipping, everybody had rosy cheeks, lovers were strolling along holding hands and children were running about friskily. I took my lover by the arm and wandered around Grunnerløkka, until we got to EAM, where we could pet Sammy and take him out for a quick walk. ❤

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We’d managed to get a table at Den lille ostebutikken for a late lunch and so we snuggled up by the small red checkered tablecloth and dug into a flavorful onion soup and and a portion of mussels with fries.

Full and happy, we moved along to the tram to mother-in-law’s, where we’re staying for a few days while our apartment is getting renovated. Dinner was served a couple of hours later, we were giggling like teenagers, reminding each other not to mention the lunch, but no harm was done and the meal was consumed.

Today two friends of mine are holding a baby shower for me and I can’t wait. Hoping for good non-alchoholic drinks, crispy pizza and lots of laughter, I’m lighthearted and expectant.

I wish you a lovely Sunday! ❤

xxx, Alina

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