My Oslo


Lately I find myself fascinated by people. And, as it is with many other things, once you start looking around, you can’t undo it, you notice all sorts of patterns, all sorts of folks and funny behavior you just need to photograph. That being said, I’m not there quite yet. In fact the pictures with the best potential were the ones that got too blurry because I didn’t have the balls to focus or to go close enough. You see, in Oslo it’s not customary to take pictures of people without their knowing. But hey, I can’t help myself! So here they are. Lady in red, waiting by the bus.


Office dude eating lunch in the sun.


Another office guy taking a power nap by the harbor.



Men at work ordering lunch.


Gals in summer wear.


My favorite type of architecture and the iconic blue tram.

xxx, Alina

4 thoughts on “My Oslo

  1. How nice it is to decide you want to take a nap by the harbor … and just do it. I laughed by myself imagining how it would be to go to the park near my office building and take a nap. We still have a lot to learn 🙂

    1. Hi! I’ve tried to reply several times, but was unable to do so until today. 😉 Yes, I really like that about Oslo. I remember trying to sit on grass in English park in Craiova and being threatened with a fine. 😉 haha!

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