Went to see The Lobster yesterday, OMG, what a silly movie! I tried so hard to find it inspiring or something, but not even Colin Farrell could lift it up, he had a big time belly and a bushy moustache. No thanks. 😉
_mg_9403Today I´m making elderberry and apple jam, preparing for my birthday, when I´ll be having a brunch and a champagne party. But first some coffee outside, the weather is amazing, I´m still wearing shorts.;-)

Listening to Daley- Love is a Losing Game, Cottonbelly- By Your Side, Ordinary Love- You+Me and feeling full of hope and melancholia. My life feels like varnish, slightly peeling off, showing a bit of nail, nothing a fresh coat won´t fix, though.

The leaves outside are slightly turning red, I notice the changing of the seasons like a puppy who sees it for the first time. I take interest in many things again, my heart is filling, where there used to be a dark hole, then a broken soul, I now can catch the glimpse of a heart.

I hope you have a lovely Sunday and I´ll see you later with an entry on jams and such. 😉

xxx, Alina



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