Summer is over and with it, my traveling adventures, too. Hoping there might be a bit of roaming at work, not too much, though, just enough to steady my wanderlust. Meanwhile, I´m still waiting to get paid, 7 weeks overdue, yes, but hey, the court house clerks receive a pay check every month, so what do they care about freelancers?14064282_10153814319841711_5172772494884880824_nGot these lovely fish cans from Lisbon, too pretty to eat, right? haha!14089155_10153814320091711_187231774449467317_nSunday coffee and croissant with the bf.14045679_10153814320006711_7672366859191324581_nRatatouille on a Monday? Sure. As a freelancer I do as I please during less busy days and reserve my right to collapse entirely when there´s lots to do at work. 14051761_10153814320076711_7161652249411862179_nYoga? Not really. More like yoga-ish stretching on my new lamb skin. Better than no working out, though.14079857_10153814320046711_3392208754522003199_nChanterelles are on the market (in the woods, too!). Making a stew tomorrow. Yum!

PS. I fixed my camera, so stay tuned for “real” pictures again! 😉

xxx, Alina

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