I’m opening an Airbnb

I´ve been talking about it for ages, postponing all the time due to lack of time, inconsistency as well as a generally over furnished apartment and life. But now it´s happening! I need to order a bed, some curtains and a small coffee table, give the room a fresh coat of paint and tidy up a bit and I´m there! In a couple of weeks’ time I hope to be on the site.

I haven´t taken any pictures of my home recently, but if you´ve read my blog you´ll know I like mid-century design with a splash of colour. I promise fresh smelling bed sheets, flowers on the bedside table, lots of coffee and a giant pancake breakfast-although I´ve never been a morning person- haha!

Meanwhile I´m getting some inspiration here and there.


This bedspread makes me wanna lie in bed all day long!cbf6bbcbe59f6de471da4c5a7b6825d8

This color on the walls makes me want to stretch like a feline.cd5d02e60ae9a6286a3704d5b2956e5f

These pancakes for breakfast would make even a coffee- for- breakfast person like me consider eating. 🙂a3e53c3a8600ec80dcdc8bef50bbde88

And some fresh flowers while we´re at it. 😉

Hope you want to come and stay with me and I´ll keep updating the blog when it´s ready!

xxx, Alina

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