I’m back from France and ready to start a new semester of work and play. Ok, more work than play, but still. Turning 36 in a month´s time and since I´ve been obsessing about getting older for a while now, I made up my mind that as long as there´s enough champagne, I will survive! 😉IMG_9159The holiday was amazing and so is my guy, pinch me to see I´m not dreaming, please! The photos are blurry, though and I can´t seem to find the reason for that, unless it´s the battery again. Well, blurry as life itself. New wisdom. 😉IMG_9154After late evenings with rosé on the balcony, strolls through the old town, greeting other people´s dogs ´cause I was missing Sam so much, after talking to stray alley cats and conversing with old shop assistants, after numerous cafés alongés and bièrres blanches, I find myself at home again and I´m grateful for one thing above all others, I get to bring my man home with me. IMG_9158I´m still sad on account of my failed marriage, it still pains me to think of what we had and how much I must have hurt him, it still breaks my heart to think we´re just statistics, as another friend of mine put it. But I´m happy, too, I´m so happy I don´t know what to do with myself, sometimes it feels blasphemous, other times -just human. IMG_9161IMG_9167I fell in love with Montpellier, this time for good. I want to live there, in a cute little house with a small garden, blue shutters onto the vegetable garden, lavender winding in the wind and freshly washed clothes on the line. I want to have my morning coffee on the porch, cat in my lap and dog by my side, not having to wonder if it´ll rain, not caring about tomorrow at all. IMG_9185Summer is soon over, but I´m an autumn gal, I was born in the autumn and it´s in the autumn I´m most myself. It´s when the leaves are falling that I´m most happy. That´s because happy and sad are so intertwined, I wouldn´t know how to separate them if I tried.

Have a lovely weekend!

xxx, Alina

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