Round and round

Hi, how y’all doing? I had a minor breakdown yesterday, felt all of a sudden old and out of place and quite unhappy with how things are for the time being. Instead of doing anything about it (although it´s quite hard to steer clear of the dark thoughts once they set in), I let myself collapse into a sea of tears, feeling sorry for myself instead of seeing all the good stuff I´ve got going on. And then I went to sleep at 10:30 pm, exhausted and fed up with myself.


Today is a whole different story, though (I told you I find it hard to believe I´m not manic depressive!), I went to my psychologist, met a friend for coffee and managed to find time for myself- at the hairdresser, where I spent 3,5 hours being pampered! haha! Beat that! And if that wasn´t swell enough, the whole salon was in awe about my hair, OMG what texture, OMG, it´s the ideal hair, I felt like in “The Kardashians”, I tell ya! haha!


After drinking two-three coffees and chatting with the nicest hairdresser in the world (of course he had to be a man, like my GP, my dentist and my gynechologist!), I was shaking with low blood sugar and pumping with confidence and so I bought some Prosecco on my way home and felt the Friday rush creep in. 😉



This evening we´re watching Romania play against France from a football pub. I haven´t been to one in years and years. haha! The things you do for love! 😉

xxx, Alina



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