April is deceitful, its caprices are those of a spinster. I let her fool me with her rays of sun, I grow expectant, but she changes her mind and decides to turn me a cold shoulder. Oh, how predictable of you, April! I find you such a drag! 12952790_10153518286801711_1679140227_o

I did get to pick some flowers with Sam the other day, though.12959355_10153518743986711_1694135143_oAnd he had a bath or two. This lad knows nothing about cold, I tell ya!12946796_10153518744056711_286644379_oBeo is inspecting my flowers. Too near me, mom!12938159_10153519011256711_3517197856357471743_nGirls´dining and wining at Fiskeriet. 12987198_10153523090546711_2851081172038467142_nAnd a romantic dinner and drinks at Sentralen. 12938301_10153523090771711_4755801430469331946_nThe food was really delicious, but the interior is what got my attention!12928400_10153523090636711_1491395143583699463_n12933053_10153523090796711_85038550480307103_nNot to mention the dessert. Simply divine! I´ll reconstruct it and blog about the recipe!

Off to a party now- fancy dress and red lips. 😉

xxx, Alina

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