Your beauty is majestic. I suck in your loneliness in the early hours. I want you all for myself. Wrapped up in my own blur of thoughts, while stepping out of the dark. You cure the sadness of my soul. When you kiss me, I forget it all. IMG_9134We wander around, thoughts scattered everywhere, looking up to the windows aligned with shutters, I let my eyes rest on a statue, then on a fountain green with moss. I rejoice over the arrival of spring and I embrace this new me, this carefree projection of myself. IMG_9123Have a stroll in the old quarters, have a sip of wine, let yourself grow wings for a moment, we´re too grounded as we are, there´s too much dullness in the world. IMG_9117IMG_9132IMG_9135I have to admit I was a bit surprised by the loneliness in the pictures, it must have been that very morning only, otherwise the town was bustling with life and was generally quite crowded. But I loved its empty streets, they gave me a feeling of belonging. IMG_9130IMG_9120IMG_9116IMG_9133IMG_9129IMG_9112IMG_9118IMG_9125IMG_9137So long, my new love!

xxx, Alina

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