Easter Holiday

On Sunday evening we came home from Montpellier, France, to 10 degrees, everyday worries, bills to pay and my very own zoo garden, as my father puts it. 😉12718370_10153486483976711_636613798022993703_n

As a francophile, I found France as delightful as ever, we had 16-20 degrees, there was lots of pastry to be tried, many rosé wine to taste and then there was the general “joie de vivre” the French are so well-known for. 😉 72342_10153486484061711_2766715715222359947_n

We walked around the old town holding hands, stopped for “un café alongé”, “une coupe de champagne”, a weissbier or a bite. We had “moules frittes”, cheese and ham platter, quiche and salad and lots of chocolate mousse. 😉12919349_10153486479391711_553086803_o

We went to a couple of exhibitions, too- photography by Hélène Hoppenot and modern art at Musée Fabre, lovely both of them. 12670766_10153490117801711_5816305897334131471_n

A sign of early summer. 😉922751_10153486483331711_4061977988747539483_n

Enchanting architecture in the old town, I always find myself dreaming of living in an old house right in the middle of a bustling medieval city. 988760_10153479617116711_4335711437968410693_n

Made a couple of friends, too, cats and dogs alike. 12321521_10153479618006711_6214444869948748021_n

Majestic pine trees, so pretty!9195_10153473286886711_2554511394959647891_n




On the last day we went to the beach La Plage Carnon, where we got a bit of colour on our cheeks and some wind in our hair. Not summer yet, but lovely none the less. 945245_10153490117611711_2765021124803423204_n



On our way back to Oslo we had a couple of hours in Paris and so we spent them drinking coffee with this cutie, my cousin Liliana, who´s studying political sciences in France. 😉

More about my adventures in the next entry!

xxx, Alina

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