Happy again

Life sure has a way of catching you off guard and surprise the hell out of you. Just when you´ve given it all up and diagnosed yourself as a hopeless misfit, you find yourself happy again. At first it´s such a new emotion you don´t know what to do with it, or with yourself, for that matter. You panic, you cry, you break down. Just in case it needs to be done. Because it´s so beautiful it can´t possibly last. And you know what a hole it will leave in your existence if it doesn´t. But then it´s so good, so patient and so persistent, not asking anything from you that you´re not ready to give, not leaving you waiting, not playing with your feelings, not fucking it all up. So after a while you give in. 😉 And this very feeling is what makes life worth living, I swear!


I´m so high on life again, I´m so high on coffee, on sunshine, on moonlight, on friendship, on human contact, on human emotion, I´m so high on you!


I´ve been a better mommy for Sam and Beo, too, ´cause I can sit still again, I can enjoy a magazine and a cup of coffee without breaking down in tears and taking a hundred showers, just to have something to do and not throw myself out of the window.


Work has been steady, but either too busy or too slow, which kind of suits me just fine, ´cause when I´m at home, I can concentrate on myself and my chores instead of running around.


This week we´ve had winter break here and the weather has been amazing, so I´ve been able to draw my breath a bit. I´m almost up to date with billing and laundry again, who would have thought?! 😉 haha


Been drinking loads of coffee and eating lots of sweets. Oops! I need to stop that right away, otherwise I´ll get some seriously curvy hips! 😉


Even hosted a small dinner party the other day, what do you know? 😉


I don´t care much for going out in general and Oslo is so divided, meaning you´ll either find hipster places or the right out tacky ones, where people literally flash their money. So I discovered that hotel lobbies can be an ok alternative, if you don´t like standing in the crowd and people stepping on your toes. And they´re usually good with drinks. 😉


Yesterday I saw an amazing movie- Youth (La giovinezza) by Paolo Sorrentino, I´ll make sure to write a review soon. In the meantime, go see it if you can, it´s a masterpiece! ❤

Have a glorious weekend!

xxx, alina

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