London 2016

I´m in London for 4 days again after a very busy week and it´s great fun, although British winters are what they are- wet, windy and grey. But God, do I love this city! So much choice in terms of things to do, food to eat and people to talk to! So cosmopolitan, I feel so good amidst all these nationalities, so at ease with their politeness, their inclusion and their diversity. I almost feel like I belong.


I stayed at a small and kind of cute hotel in Bayswater for a couple of days and now I´m at Camelia´s, my friend from my university days in Bucharest, back in ´99. It´s a full house with her lovely 2 year old son and she’s expecting another boy in no time. 😉


I’d wake up early and lounge in bed for a couple of hours with instant coffee and English breakfast tea, then go to a café for breakfast and real coffee, where we´d hang for an hour or so before walking to Notting Hill, entering all the charity shops, as well as a couple of nicer stores in search for socks and underwear, since I forgot to bring enough this time, too.  Haha! 😉


On Saturday we had pancakes for breakfast and then walked to Portobello Market, where I found a cute porcelain cat and almost had an anxiety attack from the hoards of people swelling on the street.

Lunch was a lovely affair at La cave au Fromage in Portobello Road, where we had champagne and cheese platter with bread- so good I literally licked my fingers! 😉


We had dinner in Chelsea with Lavinia and she cracked us up! 😉 I laughed till my belly hurt, she´d remember all the silly stuff I´d said in high school and although I had trouble recognising myself in her stories, they were so funny I almost peed my pants!

Food wise they make a pretty mean carbonara and although I´d told myself I should save place for desert, since they had eclairs, I´d had too much bread and olive oil for starters, so I had to let the occasion slip. Might just have an eclair binge tomorrow, I´ve been craving them for ages and I forgot to try some in Bucharest, so now is my chance! 😉


Today´s breakfast was salty crepe at Cote Brasserie in Westbourne Grove, coffee and orange juice. So good!


My beau has left and I´m here for two more days at my friend´s house. So good to chat about everything that comes to mind, although it´s not so easy with a little one that wants attention 24/7.


Tomorrow I´m going to Tate Modern, then I´ll be strolling around, getting a haircut, find a coffee shop with good food and read a book. 😉

I’ll be sure to keep you posted.

xxx, Alina

4 thoughts on “London 2016

  1. Am o prietena care se muta, in vara asta, definitiv la Londra. Stiu ca este un oras superb. Tata a zis ca vrea sa ma duca acolo la anul, cand fac 18 ani. Sa vedem! Pana atunci citesc posturile tale sa ma familiarizez 🙂

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