Friday yay!

I survived this week, although I had my doubts! You see, I forgot my luggage on the train to Skien on Tuesday and I had serious withdrawal symptoms from my Mac. 😉 I was longing for it like we ache for love-haha! Talk about addiction!But now we´re reunited! ❤


In Skien I was in court for 3 intense days, the case was a serious one, the interpreters´ booth very small and stuffy, their coffee machine-not working, so I expected major headaches, and was glad to experience only fatigue. haha! I was yawning all the time! I would rub my eyes continuously,  completely forgetting about my mascara and jumping every time I got a glimpse of my face in the bathroom mirror- smokey eyes would be an understatement!;-) haha!


There´s nothing at all to do in Skien, so after hours I either napped or ate, except for a visit to H&M, when I had to buy a couple of court outfits, ´cause, as a friend put it, you can´t really go to court in a track suit. 😉  And if you know me at all, you won´t be surprised to hear I don´t even own a track suit. haha!


The restaurant scene is great, I love Becks Brasserie, but I take my hat off to Jacob and Gabriel! Yummy doesn´t even begin to cover it! I had beef steak and crème brulée at Becks and three courses at the other one. Even got some petits fours with our coffee (dined with a colleague), what a treat! 😉

Off to London this afternoon, so tired, I wish it were tomorrow, so I could spend all day in bed, dragging my ass around the house, coffee in hand and sleep on my eyelashes.

xxx, Alina


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