Morning! The cold has softened and it´s easier to be outside without feeling that you´re losing your nose. Also there´s no wind, so my eyes stopped watering, which is such a relief, ´cause I was walking around with frozen eyelashes all the time. 😉12534274_814769358669339_1062138446_n

My baby loves the cold, though, he doesn´t mind the snow, he´s running around like mad and I try to keep up, I slide and fall, I lose my beanie and my coffee spills, I laugh, he comes to check if I´m all right, I say I am, go ahead, run freely, my love, I´ll be right behind you!


He sees a ball and he´s reaching to get it, but it´s too far. It´s not ours, baby boy. And the school is closed this early.


The one thing I learned from all this mess is that people are nicer than you´d think. I´m overwhelmed by how much everybody tries to chip in and so I´m not afraid to ask for help anymore. Looks like me and Sam have teamed up with these two Danish couples who want to walk him from time to time. Yey! 😉

Have a good one! For those of you worried for me yesterday, I can reveal that I´m in a much better state of mind. 😉 Stability, where are you?!

xxx, Alina


2 thoughts on “Tuesday

    1. Thanks, sweets. I´m trying to take it one day at a time. One day is good and the next is dark, but yeah, I´m trying to see the light. 😉 Today is a good day. 😉 And yesterday was an ok one, too.

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