I have to laugh- I have never and I mean EVER been self-sufficient. It´s about time I learned how, don´t you think?


These ups and downs are starting to make me seasick-haha! I´m as unstable as a boat in a tempest, but I´m trying my best. I really am. It may not sound like it if you´re reading my blogs (here´s my Romanian one), but I´m making progress. I know you´re worried for me, but I´m coping the only way I know how- by pouring my heart out. It may not be the most rational way, neither the most discrete way, but hey, nobody´s ever accused me of meeting their expectations! I usually exceed them.. haha! (lame)

What else? I´m cooking again, even enjoying eating my (often late night) dinner in bed, like a teenager, just because I can. I´ve been doing some travelling and it´s been great. I usually have no problems enjoying my own company during the day, it´s the evenings that are harsh and the waking up, too. But I´m sedating myself with music and coffee and I´m confident (too big a word, though) I´ll pull it through. One day. In one way or another.

Until that day, I´m listening to “constructive” songs like Novacaine and No Love. haha!




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