I asked my doctor some years ago if he´s sure I´m not bipolar and he said yes. But while re-reading what I wrote yesterday, I can´t help but wonder if I should get a second opinion. 😉

Today I´m fine. I spent a fortune at Max Mara and Stefanel, but that´s not the reason. The sun is shining and I´m in love with Bucharest again. It´s always been a constant in my life and right now I need as many constants as possible.


I met a friend for coffee and we talked some more about life at 30s- she´s renovating her house, running a successful business and taking care of a child, together with her man. We might even be going on a big city trip together in the future. 😉


I walked the streets with an open coat, it was warm, almost spring-like and it felt like I hadn´t seen the sun in ages. I bought myself a pretzel and ate it with an open mouth, the way I used to, as a child. There´s nothing like the taste of a warm pretzel- instant bliss! Sometimes I think introspection is overrated, it´s not that we should all go buy a bucket of Ben and Jerry´s as soon as things start going south, but maybe just taking time out and remembering what used to make us happy would get us a long way.12383585_1684714401772507_1353385582_n

I don´t know. The thing is that I´m not miserable today and I´m like- really? And then I´m like- wow! Finally! And then again- but what about tomorrow? Maybe I´ll go back to being a mess? But maybe I won´t, you know?!

So until I know for sure if this is just a break from self-inflicted misery, I wanted to let you know that Bucharest is the best, they have yummy coffee, bubbly Prosecco, home-made cakes and the coolest people on earth. When the sun is shining. 😉

But tomorrow I´m going home again.

xxx, Alina


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