Petit Corée

Last weekend´s trip to London had a couple of nice surprises in store for me, including this exquisite culinary experience at The Petit Corée, a Corean French fusion restaurant in West Hampstead.

I was there with Lavinia, her boyfriend and her sister, Natalia, whom I didn´t manage to get a decent picture of, though. IMG_8161

The atmosphere was intimate and warm, dim lighting and a few tables spread around the place. The menu was small and they keep changing it, I hear, which is a sign that quality is held in high regard. IMG_8156

Lavinia and I were wearing red lipstick and dark dresses and it was good to reminisce about long forgotten times in high school, when life was so hard (we had a difficult teenage, the both of us) and yet so simple, compared to now. Maybe you can relate?

There were wonton dumplings, crab soup and fresh cheese with salad for appetizers and we got to taste each other´s food- simply divine!IMG_8162


No pictures of me, please! (Sorry, I couldn´t help it!)IMG_8163


I love this one, it´s so evocative and I love my coffee, anybody who knows me a bit can confirm that. 😉IMG_8164



For mains I went for the pumpkin risotto while the others had pork belly, lamb and white fish. I hadn´t eaten properly in a couple of weeks, so that amount of meat/fish would have upset my stomach. Besides, the risotto was out of this world! I often find vegetarian dishes to be more delicate and satisfying than the “real deal”. 😉IMG_8176



For dessert I chose the ginger crème brulée, while the others had Tarte Tatin Corean style and pancake with grilled orange. Yummy!IMG_8169


Americano as the last touch, as though I wasn´t struggling enough to fall asleep as it was.. 😉IMG_8170

I´m going back there soon and I even have a date in mind! 😉 Oops!

xxx, Alina

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