Christmas gifts for her

The jolly season is around the corner and I´ve put together a couple of gift ideas for the ladies. For my part, I can´t wait! I don´t think it´ll be a very generous Santa, but I´m sure I´ll get a couple of scented candles and perhaps a new sweater, in fact, I´m gonna make sure of that! 😉 


Everybody knows how much I love Carven! I like their androgyn style, it´s a little retro and very Parisian. Red has never been my colour, though, but I think I could pull it off with this sweater..

Scented candles- yes please! These are from The Future Kept, pretty and simple, they´d fit right in with us.

A new blanket, perhaps? This lambswool shawl is also from The Future Kept. Stylish and minimal.

What about this fantastic pencil case, hand made from the best Tuscan leather available? My husband makes beautiful and durable leather goods and you can purchase them at EAM.

And if you´re just as crazed about Paris as I am, what about the book on How to Be Parisian? And maybe a trip to Paris, while we´re at it?

xxx, Alina

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