Second love

For all of you, lovers of vintage and mid-century design, I have a secret to share: Second Love from Bergen! ❤ It´s the kind of stylish, refined shop I´d run myself, if I was that much into sales and people, a perfect mix of high-end designer wear, Norwegian 70´s classics and hand-crafted products. IMG_8093The shop caught my eye on my way to Colonialen in Litteraturhuset, with its stripped down display, the huge philodendron and the eccentric door knob. I just had to check it out the day after! IMG_8097The interior is so cool, I felt like moving right in! Check out the earth colours, the succulents and the lovely vases. IMG_8091IMG_8094IMG_8092IMG_8084IMG_8085IMG_8086IMG_8090Not to mention the owner, the sweetest lady ever! 😉 We talked about cats, the weather and fashion and it felt like we´d known each other for ages. IMG_8088IMG_8087IMG_8096IMG_8089I fancied this bowl so much, but I wasn´t sure if I´d be able to find the place it deserved, since we have so much stuff… I can imagine jewellery would look nice in it..

This place is a gem, so if in Bergen, don´t be a stranger!

xxx, Alina


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