Halloween and Flea Market Saturday

IMG_7791We had a great day yesterday serving waffles and coffee to friends and their children, playing spooky with Sam and his little disciples, as well as looking for Beo (the cat), who´d gone into hiding from all that clamour. We sold quite a few things and are holding our breath hoping that more people will knock on our day today, too. 😉


Cutie pie Selma acting as a witch. Grrr!IMG_7774

Esi and I go back 15 years from the time we studied Norwegian language and civilisation together. She´s now the mother of two beautiful baby girls and I get to see her once in a while when in town to visit her sister. Yesterday was one of those days, totally unexpected and thus even more fun! I got to hold these cuties as much as I wanted, too!

Nasia, the cute niece. She calls me “tante Alina” meaning auntie Alina and tells me we should go swimming again, as we did last summer! 😉 Here, the two of them conspired to rub Sam´s belly. I wonder if he likes it! 😉IMG_7780


Grethe and Jon-Ivar came for a waffle and a chat and brought their children, too. Together with Nasia and her eldest daughter, I went searching for Beo in every room of the apartment. He was nowhere to be found, not under chairs, couch or bed, but the girls spotted him at last under a pile of boxes, under Vuong´s study. Only his head showed. haha! This one is from a couple of days ago, when life was more zen. 😉IMG_7772IMG_7786

Scary Jon-Ivar- brrr!IMG_7802

Sam had the most fun of us all! He was petted the whole time, people threw his ball for him to fetch, he got two lady dogs over for play and make-out, what more can a guy ask for? 😉


As for Monsieur Franck, he was frightful! 😉 Hope you had a lovely Halloween!

xxx, Alina

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