A lovely fall day

Yesterday I was a bit under the weather, feeling lazy and lacking energy. I´d already decided it was about time to take Sammy for a walk in the woods and so I sticked to it, although I got a couple of “better” offers from friends- coffee in the city, for the record. 😉 But as a mother you need to put your baby ahead of yourself and so at 11 o´clock we were already on our way to Frognerseteren for the first time this fall. IMG_7199IMG_7152

Half an hour later, I was picking blueberries like a Heidi of the mountains and all the previous day´s concerns were gone. As cliché as it may sound, our troubles have a habit of getting small when facing nature. Sometimes I get why some people give it all up and move somewhere remote, to a cabin, where there´s just nature and wild animals. No bitching, no case officers, no people. Just your own breath and your basic needs. Like when you´re on a holiday- sleep, eat, rest, walk, sleep, eat.


So on this particular walk it was just about me and Sam. He was so happy, you should have seen him! Running around, dipping into creeks, drinking water, jumping here and there, reappearing in front of me, off to the lake, fetched a dog, mommy, lookie here, come and say hi, now go away, she´s my mommy and so on, all the way to the top.IMG_7169IMG_7171IMG_7150


There were so many colours, not yet rusty, although the green was fading more and more, in the end only the moss and the fir trees will remain green..IMG_7179



So good, thinking of going back with a utensil and pick enough to make some liquor. 😉 Or jam, for that matter. IMG_7189




On the top I had some sour cream porridge, I love it, learned to like it in the Western part of Norway and it´s one of the few Norwegian meals I enjoy. IMG_7203



And then it turned out I had enough time for coffee, too. What have you been up to this weekend?

Have a good Monday!

xxx, Alina

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